We save your warmth, you feel confident

We are sure:

сustomers do not mind at all to get accurate – REMOTE – support. 

Imagine being able to ‘teleport’ a window expert right into your home to measure spaces and offer advice remotely. With augmented reality, this is now possible thanks to… remote or in other words ‘tele’ window-experts. Using AR, suppliers (PVC window companies) can beam skilled specialists to clients anywhere in real-time. Customers get accurate measurements and expert guidance without the hassle of in-person visits. Suppliers gain efficiency by reducing travel. 

‘Tele’ window-experts can see what clients see and draw virtual lines and annotations. Two-way audio allows for live Q&A. It’s like having an expert in the room without leaving home. Convenient remote consultations and measurements with the help of ‘tele’ window-experts are enhancing relationships between customers and suppliers. 

old window frame is inspected by smartphone software

So, once again:

– Increased convenience for customers – no need to schedule visits or take time off work for in-person consultations; 

– Cost savings for suppliers from less travel for off-site experts;

– Faster response times vs scheduling an on-site appointment;

– Wider coverage area as experts can support clients anywhere vs physical location limitations;

– Less disruption for clients as experts can access sites remotely without the need to be on-premises.

SaveWarm has invested heavily in researching user needs, developing applications, and refining the user experience.

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